About Me

Some Basic Facts About Me:

Name: Ashley
Birthplace: Kentucky
Occupation: Photographer, Army Wife, Stay at home Mom
Interests: Crafts, Baking, Web Design, Decorating, Sports

Some Odd Facts About Me:

I love cookie dough but don't care for cookies
I love cupcakes, not a big fan of cake
I like purses but rarely carry one because they are annoying
I don't like earrings or big jewelry
I am a flip flops or bare feet kinda girl
I would never leave my house without makeup
I love the color pink
I'm girly, but not feminine
I'm a cross between a 50's housewife, a 60's hippie, and a modern day surfer (Don't ask where that last analogy came from, I've never surfed).
I like my house to smell like pumpkin pie all the time
I hate body sprays that smell like food (except coconuts cause it reminds me of summer)
I am amazing at baking but horrific at cooking

Becoming an Army Wife

My most dominant role in life is that of the Army Wife.  It sort of encompasses who I am.  In the 5 years my husband and I have been married we have been through 3 MOS's, 4 states, 6 moves, and 2 deployments.  During our first deployment, our son was born.  I had to carry a baby, birth a baby, move with a baby, a raise a baby (til he was 1) all on my own.  It takes a strong woman to be an Army Wife.  I feel blessed to have been given the strength to support my husband and son during these hardships.  My husband says, "Behind every good soldier there is a great woman & she's usually holding his PT belt yelling, "You forgot something!" "