Care Packages

How it all began:

Shampoo, baby wipes, toothbrush & razors...blah blah blah!  I mean, how many sticks of deodorant does a man need?  Months ago my husband made the mistake of telling me that 3 packages a month wasn't enough.  So in retaliation, I started sending him 2 per week.  Well, after a while I realized I was sending the same basic necessities over and over again, with maybe a slight variation on a new movie or game.  It got old real fast.  So one day I came up with the bright idea to start sending themed packages.  This is more fun for me because I get to keep busy with a scavenger hunt all over town seeking items for my themed boxes. And my husband really enjoys getting the surprise each week.

Click on the photos below to view the details

Red's Baseball Season Opener Box

Easter Basket in a Box

Enjoy your freedom? Thank a Soldier Box

Top Secret Box (That's why it's camo, so you wont see it)

Radio Active Spider Box

The Waddling, Tuxedo Wearing, Non-flying, Swimming Bird Box

A Camping Trip in a Box

1-UP! Box

Summer Vacation in a box

I love you more than Homer loves Donuts box

Some tips to start your own:

- Work on about 5 boxes at a time. This way you aren't out looking for items for just one theme at a time, which may prove to be difficult.

-  Scrapbook paper.  This really adds to the box.  It's not that expensive and fits perfectly in the large flat rates.  Make sure to decorate the bottom of the box with a message or surprise.

- Stickers.  This is also a real simple way to dress up a drab box. And like scrapbook paper, you can find them in just about any theme you desire.

- Make them personal.  Send holiday themed, birthday themed, and anniversary themed boxes.  Also pick his favorite sports team, movie, video games, etc.

- Send movies that match the theme of the box.  For example. I sent my husband a baseball themed box and placed Major League I & II (our favorite movies) inside.

- Bake homemade cookies that match.

Here is a list of themes to get you started on your own boxes:

-His favorite sports team (T-shirt, books, trading cards, mascot, small football/basketball/baseball)
-His favorite video game (Send a game, poster, t-shirt, a new controller for the system)
-Concert night (CD's, band t-shirts, glow sticks)
-Movie night (send movies, popcorn, candy)
-Summer Time (Water guns, water balloons, sunscreen, sunglasses)