Monday, August 8, 2011

It's me...Mario!

My son is on a Mario kick.  We've redecorated his room with a Mario and Luigi theme.  I bought him Mario and Luigi action figures a few weeks ago and he just loves using them to help Batman and Spider-Man fight off the bad guys, as well as taking them on other various adventures with random superheroes throughout the realms of our living-room.  His imagination amazes and amuses me to no end.  Watching Mario fight off The Joker is one of those moments my husband shouldn't miss out on.  Unfortunately, my husband's chain of command didn't think Mario's missions were as important as my husband's, so they are not sending him home early.  Go figure.  Well, since my husband couldn't come home to Mario, Jagger and I decided to send Mario to daddy. My husband also requested that for now on I send mini bags of cookies with each box, since he gives a lot of cookies away anyhow.  I decided to take it a step further for this box and I sent 10 goodie bags.   Each bag contained a Mario fruit snack bag, a mini candy bar, and a Mario Mushroom Cookie.  The cookies were really unique.  Since it was very late (around 2 AM) and I had to leave for a week long photo session the following morning in VA around 8 AM, I was in no mood to mix up the icing and get out all the tips and icing bags and thanks.  So instead I divided the cookie mix in two bowls.  In one bowl I mixed red icing coloring to turn the dough red, the other bowl I left alone.  I shaped the Mushrooms by hand and baked them to perfection!  Shaping the cookies probably took as long as icing them would have, but clean up was pretty simple and by 3 AM, I was in no mood to be cleaning up the kitchen.  Anyhow, here's the Mario box and cookies for this week...

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