Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sending Cupid Abroad

As if the normal day to day life with your spouse deployed isn't hard enough, now comes Valentines Day. Civilians know this holiday to be filled with romance, cards, flowers, candy, chocolates, and dinners for 2. However, for those of us wearing the 'silent rank', this holiday is better known as the stay at home alone and wallow in self pity holiday. We aren't single, but we are alone. Luckily, I have no intentions of making my reservations for 1 this year. My sis-in-law (married to my husband's best friend, whom is also deployed) is going to be my Valentines date this year. It's more fun to wallow in self pity with a friend :) But while we'll be having dinner our poor hubbies will be lucky to get a "lovely" meal at the DFAC and then it's back to work. In my best effort to ease the pain of the dreaded holiday, I've compiled a special (non traditional) Valentines day care package. I know my husband, and chocolates and a teddy bear just won't do...
For when he comes home :)

What's a Valentines package without Conversation Hearts?
Headphones for when we Skype

He's been begging for a Bulldog for when he comes home...I thought this might hold him over

New Running shoes...nothing special because he's just going to wear them out again.

He loves these, but told me not to get him any junk food...too bad :)
And the grand finale...yet a 3rd pair of Oakleys. Hopefully, these won't get stolen or broken or lost...

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