Monday, July 18, 2011

I want s'more...lot's more.

Let me begin by saying OH MY GOSH!!!! These were the yummiest smelling cookies I have ever baked up.  I was drooling the entire time.  This way by far the worst idea I ever had, baking cookies like this while on a diet.  I had to bake them, they were perfect for the box theme, plus my husband's last batch arrived un-edible and I had to make up for that. Throughout the preparation there was this strange force drawing my lips closer and closer to the batter-filled spoon...but I successfully fought the urges.  When the warm steamy cookies came out of the oven, my toddler ran into the kitchen, his nose sniffing in full force and a smile on his face, "MOMMY! What's that smell!?"  Oh he has no clue how lucky he is, I think as I pass him a cookie.  Well, here's the devil looking innocent in the form of a tasty desert...

If you would like your own taste of temptation, you can find the recipe here.

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