Friday, August 19, 2011

No Bones About It

When picking up some scrapbook paper for one of my boxes a few weeks ago, my son was adamant that we purchase daddy some dinosaur paper.  If there's one thing my son loves, it's dinos.  So I didn't argue...I figured it wouldn't be hard to make a dino box and my son could have a little fun picking out the items for the box.  Unfortunately, my son was a little selfish this go-round.  He decided he wanted to keep just about everything we bought for the box.  I compromised and let him keep his own goodie bag.  The box this week contained only goodie bags...nothing specific for the hubby, although he did get his own heart adorned goodie bag which contained a few extra snacks and brownies.  The 6 bags contained dinosaur oatmeal, poprocks, fruity pebble snack bars and a mini dino.  They also contained some non-dinosaur related snacks like fruit snacks, bottle drink mix, and mini pop-tarts.  They also contained home-made brownies...Details on those are below this set of photos of the box.

Now onto the brownies :D...

I was so excited when I found a dinosaur cookie cutter a few months ago (cookie cutters around here are like...I unno something rare, I'm out of analogies for the night).  Anyhow so I bought this dino cookie cutter, but it was large...very large, it'd be ridiculous to expect a cookie that big to make it intact to Afghanistan.  So instead, I found a small bone cookie cutter last weekend at Hobby Lobby...that's a future blog :)  Anyhow, so I used the bone cutter hoping people wouldn't confuse it for it's intended purpose of a dog bone. Think archeology not "bark"eology (sorry, that was lame, I'm tired).  Well, instead of making my same-ole sugar cookies this week, I decided to mix it up and treat the fellas to some I'm in no mood to decorate because we got a new puppy. Yeah, you heard that right...again, future blog!  Well, anyhow, here's the good part...

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