Friday, August 12, 2011

Picking at my brain

I love love love this box :)  You can read all about the details leading up to the box in the 2 posts that follow below this one.

Box Contents: The Zombie Survival Guide book, The Zombie Survival Guide playing cards, Rob Zombie t-shirt, Rob Zombie CD, a rubber brain and 5 goodie bags for disbursement. 
Goodie Bag Contents: Rubber fingers, candy eyeballs, mini candy bars, zombie fingers, and chocolate chip peanut butter cookies.  Each bag was sealed with a zombie button.

I don't know whom my husband passes these goodie bags out to but he says they all get a kick out of them. I sure hope so. Adding the goodie bags makes for a lot of extra effort.  But if I know they are going to appreciative soldiers, it's all worth it.

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