Sunday, March 4, 2012

I've returned!

Since my husband's return from Afghanistan, physical therapy and doctor's appointments as a result of the car accident, and babysitting my friend's daughter, I've seemed to barely have time to relax.  Of course, I always make time for crafting...just not so much leftover time to blog about it.  Now that I find myself with a few spare minutes (ran out of ribbon and cardstock for a current project), I thought I'd attempt to catch up on some of my previous crafts.  My friends daughter (the one I babysit) is having her 1st birthday this month.  Since her mommy is crazy busy, I volunteered to help plan the party.  Technically, I think I just said, "I'm gonna do this party, so um...stop me if I get too pushy."  LOL  Thus far, she's been all for my assistance.  So here's what I've currently created for the party to come...

I am currently working on 2 more projects, which I will post more about when I finish.  I also plan on putting up the tutorials of each of these projects when I get some time.  But for now, I'll post photos of my valentine's dinner :)

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