Sunday, April 8, 2012


To my fellow Kentuckians, you are well aware of our love of college basketball.  For you non-residents, you probably won't understand the rest of this blog, but I'll try to explain.  Like I said, KY loves basketball, probably because Kentucky is stinking awesome at it.  Consider this: UK, UL, Western KY, Eastern KY, Moorehead State, Murry State, all KY NCAA colleges and all have great basketball teams...and that's just the division 1 schools.  But no two teams have a larger rival fan base than UK and UL.

Most of us Kentuckians were raised to support either the wildcat or cardinal.  I believe there are certain unspoken rules of the UK/UL fanbase.  1) You are born into your team, you cannot support a different team than your parents.  2) You must not date/marry a fan of the other team.  3) You must not attend the college of the team you do not support.  4) If you break rule #3, you must wear your supporting team apparel on your college's game days.  5) You may choose to quietly support the other team, but never verbally, or by wearing their apparel, and never when they play one-another.  6) You must never EVER cheer for Duke.  This rule even applies to UL fans, out of respect for your neighboring KY fans.

My brother and I are a bit of rebels.  Later in life, he made the poor decision to trade his soul and become a UL fan.  While I would never destroy my father like that, I did in fact marry a UL fan, which is still pretty bad.  Sorry daddy.

Well, like I said, our teams are awesome! So it's no surprise that UK and UL both made it to the Final Four during March Madness last week.  This was HUGE! Never have these two teams met in the final four.  They met one other time in the conference many years ago, but only in the elite 8.  So this was a major event.  I wanted to throw a party, but being stationed in NY, no one around me really seems to care about college basketball.  I'm pretty sure they expended all their sports passion on hockey (yuck). Unfortunately, with my other half away at training, my son and I were left to celebrate alone.  As a hardcore UK fan, I had to support my team, but as a loving wife, I was so kind to dust off some of the hubs' UL memorabilia.  I could at least pretend he was there rooting against me.  I purchased some Big Red and some Big Blue soda (UK refers to themselves as BIG BLUE, so it's very fitting).  I got some Doritos in matching colors and baked about a billion mini cupcakes (in blue of course).  I think I baked too many. I got a bit carried away with my new mini cupcake maker, oops. 

Anyways,  I got the honor of calling my hubs and rubbing in the score at the end of the game.  Yes, UK won! Later, we went on to destroy Kansas and win the entire championship game!  Sadly, being stationed in NY, it wasn't as exciting for me as it was for my friend's back home.  I didn't get a free Papa Johns pizza, 8 cent McDonald's burgers, no NCAA championship shirts being sold at every street corner, no rioting in my neighborhood (not that that's a bad thing), heck we barely got news coverage on the game thereafter.  I think they mentioned the win somewhere between the weather and the new high school Lacrosse team.  But all well, they're probably just jealous that their state isn't as awesome as mine at basketball :)


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