Monday, December 30, 2013

Nursery preview

Well it should be no surprise that having a little one in my life has occupied a lot of my blogging time. However, that's not really my explination for a lack of updates. Honestly, it's a combination of baby and toddler attention, laziness, and mainly stress. As much as I'd love to vent about my life problems via blog, I'm a bit apprehensive about sharing our personal problems with the world. But I figured that maybe blogging might be a bit of therapy for me.  It got me through a couple deployments, after all. Anyhow, I have a ton of catching up to do. Basically, we had a baby...10 months ago in fact. She is a beautiful blessing, perfect in every way. She is a milk addict and loves to be held, constantly. My husband and I went through some serious marital issues about 7 months ago that nearly resulted in a divorce. We managed to pick up a lot of the pieces and put ourselves together. We took a cruise for our anniversary and really rekindled our love for one another. Our love is stronger than ever, but sadly various other problems linger as a result of that dark time, finances being the least of the major issues. The cruise was a wonderful experience, though. We went to the Bahamas and it was such an awesome time. I think about it a lot when I'm feeling down.  All in all, the things we have gone through, while painful have been for the best. They have made us a stronger, more appreciative family. But even as a faithful, Christian person I can't help but to fear that things will never improve. I know, what kinda faith is that? Well, I've rambled enough. The purpose of this post was to show off the baby nursery. I am. Very proud to say. The entire room cost about $250.  It was very much a DIY project. We got the crib on sale for $100 (identical crib and brand at babiesRus was $500). We got the glider for $40 on craigslist. It was brand new. And the dresser was on Craigslist for $40. It is a Broyhill, very solid, very heavy, very ugly. We completely refinished it for about $80 (sander, paint, finishing wax, drawer pulls, etc). I took a lot of photos of the process, maybe I'll do a post on it someday.'s a few pics of my princess's nursery. Enjoy!


  1. The room looks great! So glad that you are back blogging!

  2. Super cute! Hope things are getting better for you guys. I've been praying, as requested on Facebook. I hate to see friends having a hard time.