Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who wants cake? They all want cake!

A few months ago, my friend posted a photo on her facebook page of some cake jars she had made to send to her deployed husband.  They looked delicious, and it was such a great concept.  Cake in a sealed jar to maintain freshness for weeks to come!! I immediately looked up the directions and ran to walmart for supplies.  After baking and sealing the cakes in a jar, I covered them with holiday themed material, surrounded them in bubble wrap, boxed them in a flat rate, tossed in some icing and plastic forks and shipped them to the hubby.  I couldn't wait for his reaction.  It was a success! He loved them.  I just sent him a few more this past week, this time tossing in a pack of candles.  His birthday is next week, and you better bet my husband is going to have cake on his birthday!

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