Friday, June 24, 2011

Celebrating our Wooden Anniversary

Well, it's been 5 whole years since we said "I do".  I'm sure a lot (if not all) of our family and friends didn't see us making it this far.  After all, we knew each other a whole five minutes before he popped the question, I said yes, and we were walking down the isle.  It was love at first sight, and though we were crazy, five years later we are still going strong.  This year is a milestone in our marriage, five years marks the first official symbolic anniversary, the wooden anniversary.  I wanted to get him a new golf driver (not actually made from wood, but it's considered a wood), I also pondered a guitar, a drawing table, a work bench, etc.  Unfortunately, I couldn't really come up with a wooden anniversary gift that would fit into a flat rate I gave up on the whole wooden gift dream and decided a cardboard shipping box was close enough to wood and settled on a gift I knew he'd want.  When my husband came home for R&R last month, we had a spat over a pair of $100 headphones, yeah 100 freaking bux!  He wanted them, I responded with laughter.  He wasn't joking.  Well, I finally went back out and wasted way too much money and bought those suckers. I hope they are the best freaking headphones ever.  For that price, they better make Miranda Lambert sound like Patsy Cline. (Sorry if you don't like country music, that's my only analogy for this post).  While I had about a week to decorate the box, it was down to the last minute before I had purchased anything to go into the box.  I have a reasonable explanation, however.  I promise, I'm not a last minute shopper!  For one, I couldn't come up with any ideas...I shopped and shopped, but I had no clue.  Secondly, I was in the midst of packing up and returning to NY this week.  Well, basically if I wanted his package to arrive by our anniversary, it was going to have to go out this morning.  So at 9 am, I was running around town in a rainstorm, desperately seeking out some goodies in the grocery like I was a contestant on Super Market Sweep.  (Oh lookie there, I lied, I did give another analogy).  Anyhow, I got the box out on time and it's currently making it's way to the middle east.  I made sure to snap some photos in the truck before I dropped it off at the post office.

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