Friday, June 17, 2011

Is this enough care packages for you??

So I've always been a bit of a smart a**.  So it was obvious what I was going to do when my husband told me he wasn't receiving enough care packages (poor guy, apparently everyone else gets more than just 3 a month).  He said he wasn't sure if I loved him anymore :*(  (Don't worry ladies, I could see his fake poked out lower lip through the phone). Well, of course I felt soo sorry for my hubby, I knew just what to do...send him 4 ridiculously embarrassing packages.  One was filled with hearts, hershey kisses, teddy bears, chocolate, poetry, and anything else that would be sure to get some hazing outta the surrounding soldiers.  The next box was Jagger's fathers day box to his daddy, which included his own hand painted pottery plate and Perry The Platypus (my husband's favorite cartoon to watch with Jagger). The third package was a requested package...his supplements and a new toiletries bag.  However, I still managed to "girlify" the bag and throw in some kisses, poems, a flower, a card, and more.  The last box I sent out was a tribute box. You see I took my father to a reds game for an early father's day gift last week.  My husband was so sad he couldn't be there with us.  He kept saying stuff like, "Oh well, you enjoy that Reds game, I'll just be here, alone, serving our country"...again picture that lower lip poking out and quivering.  Well, I felt bad for him (a little) so I sent the game to him (figuratively speaking.) I sent him a couple of our favorite baseball movies, a reds cap, peanuts, pop corn...etc.  You get the idea.  I also took a picture of Jagger and myself in our Reds fan gear.  So this father's day, my husband can have us and a reds game too, sort of :/ But hey, that's the army for ya, you gotta learn to compromise.  Well anyways, I have about 4 boxes in the dining room currently being filled and prepared for next week.  As I finish those, I'll make sure to post them too.

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