Friday, October 7, 2011

A Final Care Package

Just kidding...there's another care package to come after this one...

Anyhow, many many months ago when I saw this welcome home scrapbook paper, I decided I would make my husband a Welcome Home care package and bring it to him at the ceremony. Well, I'll probably keep it in the truck and let him open it after...but I digress.  Point is, for old times sake, I've made him one last package...

It's contents are as follows:
1) A welcome home card with a drawing by our son included inside
2) A skull ring he BEGGED for on R&R but thinks I never bought ;)
3) A new pair of Jordans
4) A $22 customized box of Pop-Tarts.  Remember my mention of that in a previous post...well, now you know why it was $22.  (A little pricey, but I think it'll be worth his reaction).
5) Crystal Head Vodka (It's very expensive so he always said he deserved it when he redeployed.)
6) (not shown) A t-shirt that says, "That's what she said". If you know my husband at all, you'll think that's funny.


  1. Awesome care package...please let us know how he reacted. :)

  2. He loves the ring...he shows everyone. And he loved the pop-tarts, he showed the box to random people in the parking lot of the ceremony! I think it was a real success.