Monday, October 3, 2011

Hammer Time...

If you were lucky enough to watch last night's season premier of Dexter, you'll understand the title of today's blog. If you didn't get to watch, I'm sorry :(  You missed a great show.  I LOVE Dexter, I've waited 10 long months for the new season to begin.  I had intended on having a premier party, but with the hubs returning so soon, I didn't think hosting a party was a good idea.  Maybe I'll have a season finale party :)   I did have a few friends over, however, for red velvet cupcakes, daiquiri's & pizza (everything had to be blood red of course).   Following the first episode of Dexter was the premier of a new showtime series, Homeland.  It's the story of a POW who is recovered after 8 years.  A member of the CIA suspects he has been turned by our enemies and is now a threat to our country...but everyone thinks she's crazy!  Personally, I think she is crazy and yet her story has merit, which doesn't give her much of a leg to stand on.  I think it's going to be a really good series.  My husband has also put his foot down and demanded that despite our sure to come losing season, we WILL get the NFL Ticket when he comes we can watch the Colts get creamed all winter long.  I also have intentions of joining a church when my husband returns. So with church, football, and 2 different series to watch...our Sundays this winter are pretty booked up!  Considering there isn't much option for getting out of the house in the winters here...having something to do inside the house all day is a very good thing!

Here's a few shots from last night's get-together.  I apologize for the quality, they were cell phone shots & taken in the dark...during the show :)  My son is also a huge Dexter fan (kinda creepy I know).  I've included a photo he took using the Dexter app on my phone.  :)


  1. My sister would love this....she loves Dexter.

  2. This is so awesome! We had a premier party at my dads. We sure could have used some of those cupcakes! Lol. We did spaghetti and just about every red food we could find!