Saturday, October 1, 2011

Zen Pillows and other preparations...

Since I was in High School, my room has always been decorated with a tropical theme.  I love to feel like I'm in a beachfront hotel all the time.  It was always the same idea, just different decor.  Even once we were married, we had a tropical bedroom.  Well, for the first time in 10 years, I took the palm tree plant out of the bedroom and replaced it with something different...Bamboo.  I decided on an Asian theme because I wanted my home to have a lot of relaxing and natural colors.  I painted the walls gold, purchased a white comforter & a bamboo plant from Ikea, and added some browns, tans, reds, and beige colors throughout the room.  I didn't like the original throw pillows on the bed, so I've been on a hunt to replace them for months.  Well, the hubs is coming home soon and I'm running out of time to make this house perfect.  So I decided I'd just make my own.  I absolutely love the pillows I found over at Dear Lillie, so I used them as my motivation.  I purchased some iron-on printer paper, muslin fabric and covered some old pillows I had in my studio. I printed Chinese symbols on 3 pillows.  The symbols supposedly say, "Love, Friend, and Goodnight", but I don't speak Chinese, so who knows if they are accurate.  I chose these phrases because my husband and I always tell eachother "I love you, you're my best friend, goodnight" every night before we fall asleep.  It's a long story how this came about, but trust me, it's our thang!  Anyhow,  If you decide you want to partake in this project, remember to flip your image before printing because you iron it face down.   I'm not going to do a tutorial because it's pretty cut and dry.  But here's a photo step-by-step just in case you need a visual.

Some fellow Army wives/girlfriends and I went to the nail salon today to get our nails and eyebrows done in preparation for the homecomings this month.  My son was so kind to snap a photo for me.

I just have a few more tasks to take care of this week (repainting the coffee table, highlight my hair, detail his truck inside and out, etc) and I should be all set for the hubby!!

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