Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Redeployment Bucket List

Going with my besties blog idea of a Fall Bucket List, I've decided to put my own together, but with a different spin.  I call this the Stuff I wouldn't do without my husband or did do and now I want him to do it with me and now I can because he's coming home list or the Redeployment Bucket List for short.   I now present you with the list, in no particular order...

(Photo taken of us last fall, before he deployed)

1) Visit New York City for the Macy's Day Parade
(I will do A NYC bucket list later on...)

2) Go Geocaching

3) Visit a farm and pick a pumpkin & decorate said pumpkin
4)  Go to a Halloween store and spend half the day trying on costumes which we will later wear to a Halloween party.

5) Go to an Army homecoming ball and FINALLY have our first dance

6) Watch season 6 of Dexter (without missing an episode)

7) Finally take our honeymoon in the Virgin Islands that we've been planning for 5 years
(Also going to create a Virgin Islands Bucket list)

8) Go Skiing

9) Take yet another boat tour in the Bay (I LOVE them)

10) Go to a NY professional athletic event (Giants, Nicks, Yankees, Jets)...I don't care which, I don't like any of them, I'll be rooting for the away team).

11) Go on a shopping spree for an entirely new wardrobe (we've both lost a ton of weight)

12) Join a bowling league again

13) Go to the movie theater and see a movie that's not rated G

14) Go on our first date (again)

15) Make him breakfast in bed

16) Join a church

17) Take our boy to Chuck E Cheese and Toys R Us...give him a day just for him

18) Visit the National Museum of Play

19) Complete this list, take a photo of each item being checked off, blog about them and link the blog back to each number as I complete them :)


  1. YAY! I love doing lists of goals to accomplish. I want to go on a shopping spree too!

  2. Great list!! I tried geocaching...couldn't find ANYTHING! Hopefully you have better luck!

    You can make me breakfast in bed while you're at it :)

  3. Whitney, I'm constantly making lists. I've got three within an arms reach of me right now haha.

    Nicole, I've been geocaching a bunch over the last year. I blogged about it a few months back. It's really fun, especially with kids. If you have a smart phone, the app is way helpful. I can't wait to finally take my husband. I've been telling him about our geocaching trips and he keeps saying he can't wait to go with us.

  4. Here's a link to our first geocaching experience...