Thursday, October 27, 2011

I should be packing...

So much has happened since the hubs returned from the sandbox :)  I could blog for days.  But considering how often he is home, I'd rather be snuggled up with him.  Sorry if I'm being selfish :P.  We are about to take a mini-vacation for a few days, so I thought I better get a blog up before I get too behind!  So here-goes...

My Halloween photo smash-up!

1) Gettin' Crafty: In my ongoing battle with my desire to have a daughter, I continue to live vicariously though my friends, making girlie outfits for their little girls.  I crocheted a hat and sewed a matching pillowcase dress for my little Haileigh girl.

2) BOO at the ZOO:  Last year, just a few days before the hubs departed, we took our boy to the local zoo to do some trick-or-treating.  While it is nothing in comparison to the Halloween Party our hometown zoo puts on every year, it was still a very enjoyable event.  And considering it would be so close to his homecoming, I've been looking forward to partaking in this for last 365 days!  My son demanded months ago that he would be Robin and daddy would be batman.  Daddy did not argue, but insisted I be his batgirl.  While the hubs and I did not go all out costume-wise for the zoo's event, we are attending a friend's party soon, where we intend on going in full batman/batgirl costume. My son has sense changed his mind on his costume and has chosen a new costume for the 31st.  Considering my love for Halloween costumes, I had no argument in a costume change request.   I'll keep this costume a secret until a later posting.

3)  I made little pumpkin and bat cookies to go in gift baskets to give to the neighbors.

4) Cake jars for the gift baskets...I'll try to post more details about these baskets later.

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  1. Enjoy your mini vacay with family!! Y'all were so cute dressed up :) cute idea with cake jars too!