Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Building a Man Cave

A few weeks ago, I made a huge change in our home.  I turned my photo studio into my husband's man-cave! After a year of having my own home-studio, I realized I was wasting a lot of space in our home.  Having only 2 or so sessions per month inside my home (most clients seem to prefer on-location), and considering my entire studio is portable, the space wasn't as necessary as I had originally anticipated.  We were also expecting to put our house up for sale over the next few months...a portrait studio would have been a confusing space for potential buyers, though now I'm not so sure we'll be moving...welcome to the army life!  Anyways, with the hubs headed home soon, I wanted to do something really special for him.  So I took out the studio equipment and flipped the room to a man-cave/home theater.  I began by removing all my equipment and props, painting the walls a more neutral color, hung some photos of my Reds baseball team and other "manly" decor.  I purchased a leather couch and carried it into my home BY MYSELF!-Again, welcome to the Army (wife) life.  Next I purchased a projector, ceiling bracket, and screen.  I went to work for 2 days hanging and hooking everything up.  If you don't believe I did the work, my son so kindly snapped a photo of me hooking up the surround sound (shown below).  Because the basement floor is not level, I had to hang curtains around the screen and place a shelf below.  Basically, the screen was level, but the space surrounding it was uneven...it's a 30 year old basement floor, what do you expect? Anyhow, the hardest part has been hiding all the cords.  I drilled a hole in the wall and fed the cords into a closet where all the equipment (playstation, cable box, surround sound, etc) is being stored.  However, it still leaves about a foot and a half of visible cord going into the wall.  Currently, I have few ideas on camouflaging these cables, but surely I'll come up with something permanent soon.  Anyhow, the hubs was completely surprised and LOVED his new room.  We've spent about 75% of his in-home time in that room, playing video games and watching movies together.  The good news is, our living room upstairs is gathering dust.  So when I book a photo shoot, I'll just bring my equipment upstairs, it's about the same size room.  Thankfully, I still have my office, and NO I'm not turning it into his weight room anytime soon. ;)


  1. This is absolutely so sweet! You did awesome flipping it from studio to man cave :) I bet he was just over the moon :)

    I'd love to email you sometime!