Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Summer Days Driftin' Away

Yes, I know, summer isn't even here yet.  But as you well know, we are stationed at "Fort Snow" and we don't often see a plethora of warm days during the year.  We have to make the most of those few short weeks that we see the thermometer peep above 60.  While it's still in the low 40's here today, I'm well into preparing for the summer.  In fact, I think I spend most blistering winter days indoors, dreaming about my summer plans.  If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm not much of a winter person.  But summer is around the corner and while it is short lived here in NY, it is beautiful up here.  The summers never get too hot, often peaking around the mid 80's.  There's always a nice breeze and plenty of seasonal activities.  The drive-ins, putt-putt, go-karts, and golf courses finally open for the season.  Best of all, baseball season begins!  We love going to see the minor league team play here.  The team isn't huge (unlike our team back home), so the stadium is rarely packed, my son can usually talk to and get an autograph from the players, and the food isn't overpriced.  There's also a free program my son signs up for every year that gives him a free drink, hot dog, and ice cream at every game.  And best of all, because we are military, we get seats for next to nothing, sometimes free! 

Every summer, we pretty much plan out the same 4 or 5 activities and find ourselves doing those repeatedly without any other ideas.  Well, I was pretty happy to find all these "100 things to do this summer" lists on Pinterest.  I immediately made plans to print and check off everything on the list this summer.  After posting the first list I found on the fridge, I took a closer examination and discovered a few problems.  1) There's a 100 things on this list!  There's certainly not 100 days in the summer, I don't see how we could get to 100 of them.  2) Some of these activities will never happen. For example, one thing mentioned a planetarium.  I have no clue where the nearest planetarium is...but if I did, I assure you we'd already be there.  There's not many places like that any where near this small town.  3) Some of them where not age appropriate for my 4 year old.  One activity on the list was origami.  Well, I don't know about your child's coordination, but I assure you, this wouldn't be happening in my house...it would end in a paper wad and frustration.  4) Some of the things I just didn't understand or care to do...like a lizard shop or a peculiar p party? 

I found a few other lists, but ya know if you want something done right, you just gotta do it yourself.  My list was compiled of activities we could- a. do as a family, b. were age appropriate for my son, and c. were available to us.  My list only consists of 50 activities, rather than 100 so we can be sure to knock off all of them this summer.  I also included several indoor activities for those cold and/or rainy days/nights. 

First thing I did was edit my list in photoshop and made it all pretty of course.  Next I printed it and put it on the fridge for a common reference spot.  (Btw, I have future plans of framing it behind glass and using a dry erase marker to mark through completed tasks.) Finally, I emailed it to myself for a quick iphone reference when we find ourselves out and about on the weekends seeking an activity.  *Side Note* I also do this with my grocery lists...I keep a general list saved in my computer and make changes as needed, then email the saved file to my phone before I head to the commissary.

But back to the subject.  (Sorry, I'm the queen of tangents and side notes) <--See what I just did there!  Okay, well, without further ado, I present my official Family Summer Bucket list. Feel free to use it for your own summer-to-do list.  Just don't claim it as your own creation, that would hurt my feelings. :/ 

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