Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh, Oh, Oh...It's Magic!

As a boutique photographer, I have an addiction to making tutus for use as an inexpensive and adorable photo prop for my toddler sessions.  Therefore there is a lot of scrap tulle lingering around my craft closet these days. I haven't had luck finding much use for these extra strands, until today.  This morning I discovered Pom Pom Wands. They're simple to make, cute, and they are the perfect accessory for the matching tutus I have all over this house!  They were a lot of fun to make, so I ended up going crazy with them.  I don't have use for 6 wands so I've put some of them for sale on my etsy page.  But if you'd rather make your own, below is a tutorial I've put together.

(Sorry if it's not a great tutorial, but I've never put one together before).

Step 1) Gather supplies.  Tulle (3 inches wide and approximately 10 ft long, or you can use several cut pieces that equal at least 10 ft long--the longer the fluffier your pom pom will be), glue gun (& glue sticks, duh), 12 inch dowel rods (I used 36 inch dowel rods and cut them into 3 equal pieces), & a couple spools of ribbon.

Step 2) Use the glue gun to adhere the main color ribbon to the dowel rod by applying a dab of glue every couple of inches and rotating the rod.

Step 3) Completely cover the rod until no wood shows through.

Step 4) Apply another color of ribbon to the rod by repeating step 2 (space this color out a bit).

Step 5) Continue adding different ribbon colors until you are satisfied with the colors of the rod, then set the rod aside.

Step 6) Cut 2 12 inch pieces of ribbon and set aside.  Pick up your strand of tulle and begin winding it around your hand over and over again until it's all wrapped around your palm.

Step 7) (This part can be tricky) Carefully slide the tulle from your hand and tie knot around the middle with the 12 inch pieces of ribbon you cut in step 6.

Step 8) Insert one blade of your scissors through the tulle on one side of the ribbon and cut the loops open and fluff the pom out.  Then repeat on the opposite side.

Finally, use to glue gun to adhere the pom to the rod and TADA!! You have a pom pom wand!  No go make some magic!

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