Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shower Planning Post #1

I'm so happy for one of my besties! She is about to tie the knot in a few months. (You can check out her blog here.) I'm honored & super excited to be a part of her wedding.  I'm also super happy that she asked me to help put together her bridal shower.  I say "help", but I'm dang near taking over because I just LOVE planning parties!! Hmm...I hope she doesn't mind.  Anyway, I've already designed and ordered the invitations which I will post when they come in later this week.  I've also had the chance to put together some decorations for the table already.  They were a bit costly for a diy project but super cute!  Below is a tutorial and photos of the final project.  As I complete more projects for the shower, I'll be sure to add them...because I'm having too much fun to keep this all to myself :)

Supplies needed:
1 bucket 
1 styrofoam ball
1 styrofoam block for base of bucket
1 bag of synthetic grass
multiple rolls of ribbon
1 bag of dowel rods
hot glue gun & glue sticks
2-3 bouquets of flowers of your choice

Step 1: Using hot glue gun, cover dowel rods in ribbon, using the technique shown in my previous post.

Step 2: Glue styrofoam into base of bucket

Step 3: Insert rod into bucket & into styrofoam at base and cover with grass then set aside

Step 4: Carefully remove the flowers from the stems on the bouquets and using hot glue gun, adhere them to the ball. *You may also use sewing pins, but they can be pricey!*

Step 4 Cont. : Continue to cover the ball until no styrofoam shows...and then add more flowers...just keep covering...make it perdy!! :)  Layer the heck outta the thing.

Step 5: Once the balls are fully covered, press them into the top of the dowels and tie a bow around the rods to finish off.  Aren't they cute?

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  1. i'm loving it so far! i wish i was crafty like that!